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See your dentist or regular check ups, and use SupHeb Toothgel to keep healthy between check ups.
    5S & Proved for last 20 + years

    1. Strong natural antibiotic(Kills bacteria)
    2. Save your loose teeth
    3. Stop gum disease ( Surgery )
    4. Save a lot of money for dentist
    5. Stop pain, bleeding &sensitive tooth &
    mouth related disease
    Are your teeth less than pearly white?
    Do you occasiinally have bad breath?
    Do you have tartar build-up?
    Are your teeth sensitive to heat, cold or pressure?
    Are your gums unhealthy?
    Do they bleed or become inflamed easily?
    Are they easily irritated or swollen?
    Do you want fewer and less painful trips to the dentist?
수퍼브 치약은 바로 이같은 치주질환 예방을 위해 강력한 생약성분의 알로에와 “특수허브”를 주원료로
하여 개발한 가족용 특수 구강치약 입니다.

If you answer is yes to any of these questions then you need SupHerb Toothgel.

SubHerb Toothgel is specially Formulated by an herbalist to use powerful botanicals to heal gums and prevent tooth and gum disease.

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