Everlasting Life Product, Inc(ELP) was established in May 1990 to manufacture Natural Pharmaceutical Products for Dental / Oral Care with Aloe Baedadensis, Special Herbs, Botanicals and Seaweeds.
ELP leads the world in scientific reserch and revolutionary product formulas, and new applications to asure maximum efficary of ELP’s Dental / Oral Care Products.

  • Supherb "Aloe Vera Toothgel" is specially formulated to benefit both the teeth And gums. The product incorporates a powerful healing Aloe Vera Gel along with a proprietary blend of effective herbs includeing myrrh and Bee Propolis that helps markedly improve and amiantain the health of one’s teeth and gums.

  • If effectively relives:
    - Sensitive & Painful Teeth
    - Bleeding & Swollen Gum
    - Canker Sores
    - Bad Breath
    - Tartar Build-up
    - Teeth Pockets
    - Stubborn Stains, Athlete’s Foot

  • Weight / Package Size: *4.0 oz/ea. *48 pcs/box
  • Current Markets:
  • United States, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, and Taiwan.
    Pharmacies, Groceries, H-Mart, *Health Food Stores.

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