Supherb Aloe Herb Toothgel(4.0 oz)


Supherb Aloe herb Toothgel is a complete range of natural oral care product which work together to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Studies show that our natural toothgel promotes healthy teeth and gums. Specifically, We found that aloe vera with herbs helps prevent the buildup of plaque, The main cause of cavities. We worked with independent research periodontists to confirm our findings. Much time was spent perfecting the formulation of this revolutionary toothgel.


Supherb aloe vera toothgel combines the remarkable effectiveness of fortified aloe vera gel with super herbs in preventing plaque an infected gums. Working not only on the teeth but all the way to the gumline where many conventional tooth pastes can not reach. Our supherb toothgel will make your teeth feel smoother and cleaner than ever. Powerful Breath fresheners make this dental hygiene product one of the finest available on the world market today. It may give relief within two weeks


Aloe vera gel, Hydrated silica, Sortitol, Glycerine, Potassiym nitrate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Cellulose gum, Flavor, + Botanical + Herbs mixture.


- Dentists and hygienists approved.
- Protects teeth sensitive to heat, cold water and pressure.
- Pervents cavities, decay and infected gums.
- Remove tartar and cleans bad breath effectively.
- Cleans Plaque and stains.
- Makes teeth feel smoother, breath fresher and healthier than ever.
- Leaves mouth sparkling clean.
- Produces excellent results.


- Squeeze supherb toothgel on your toothbrush and lightly brush teeth for 2~3 minutes to get the full effects of the aloe-herbs penetrating along the gumlines.
- Use the suphub toothgel 2~3 times on a daily basis.
- Regular checkups by your dentist is recommended.

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