In our dental clinic, I had one patient, an Asian woman who had been getting treatment from me for a long time and lately I have noticed a remarkable improvement in her teeth and gums. I asked the patient if she had been applying any special treatment to het mouth and she said that she had been using SupHerb Toothgel for the past three weeks. She had brought it in to show me and I was overwhelmed by the amazing results that it had on her. I was very curious about this SupHerb Toothgel so I ordered a box to test it on my other patients and the results came out to be the same. Now I am worried that if every person with dental problems uses this SupHerb Toothgel, the number of my patients may decrease.

Dr. Howard Tolk. D.D.S
Fairfield, Connecticut

I am an Afghanistan-American and I work at Riggs National Bank. I have had gums and teeth that are extremely sensitive to any kind of toothpastes, so I an always careful in choosing the right toothpaste for my mouth. When I was introduced to the SupHerb Toothgel, I was a little hesitant in buying it, but once I used it, I got tremendous results out of it. I was surprised at how effective the results were. I have friends and family who have similar problems to mine and I recommended this SupHerb Toothgel to them. I hope that this SupHerb Toothgel will be continually producing and spreading worldwide, so that everyone will be introduced to this absolutely wonderful product!

Parween Maksudi
Riggs Nat’l Bank
McLean, Virginia

As a dentist, I have many patients who have dental problems, however, one 50 year-old couple stood out the most out of all my patients. This couple had been seeing me for a very long time for a wide range of dental problems that they both had been having. The couple both had gum disease and the condition of their teeth was not any better than their gums. However when I net them on a routine dental checkup a few month later, I noticed that the condition of their teeth and gums were extraordinary! Simply put, I was amazed at how their teeth and gums had returned to a healthy state! I could not believe my eyes. I could barely find any trace of their past gum disease. When I inquired to what type of treatment they had been undergoing, with presumably another dentist, they told me that the only thing that they had done different was using SupHerb Toothgel daily. Now the SupHerb Toothgel is my top choice to all my patients. Job well done to the makers of this extraordinary product! I placed an order the SupHerb Toothgel for my patients.

Dr. Chalton Ho D.D.S
McLean, Virginia

Over the past years, I have experienced large red blisters around my lips. They were very painful. It came to a point where the pain was so intense that I had to consult my physician. He told me that this was a type of skin disease caused by a virus known as herpes and that it was incurable. One day I saw an advertisement of SupHerb Toothgel and I bought to try it out. Over a two-week period, I methodically brushed my teeth with this toothgel and I began noticing that my blisters were gradually disappearing. Every night I rubbed the toothgel on my blistered area and within weeks, it had completely disappeared. This was a miracle for me, I had no idea the result would come out line this! Thank you ELP!

Mr.Kenneth Uhm
Chicago, Illinois

My teeth have always been sensitive to heat, cold, and pressure and often my gums would form pus and bleed. I have suffered through my ordeal for many years; however, I was introduced, by a friend, to SupHerb Toothgel that he promised would help with my oral problems. After using this Toothgel for only a short period of three weeks, I noticed a great change in my mouth. The swelling and sensitivity that my gums and teeth were constantly plagued with, had completely disappeared! Since this toothpaste has become a necessity for me and because it costs more than some ordinary toothpaste, I keep in hidden on a high self from my children so that I may use it as long as I can! Thank you very much and congratulations on your wonderful product!

Mr.UG Han
Washington, DC

My husband and I had serious dental and oral problems for a long period. We had extremely bad breath, bleeding gums, and infection with pain and welling, that I was forced to have surgery. We had tried almost everything under the sun to treat those complex oral problems; using electric toothbrushes, taking Fresh breath pills, but those did not help at all. Then I heard of “SupHerb Toothgel” and how it has helped many people. So we used if for a couple of weeks and to my surprise, after only two weeks, I was amazed the bleeding of my gums had completely stopped and the tartar cleared up. Moreover, I have had no problems with “pockets” in the gums, and my bad breath began clearing up since using it. Now, our mouths are fresh everyday! I never expected it to do such a wonderful thing, but the SupHerb Toothgel has proven itself and still proved to me everyday and our family still continues to use it.

Mr. and Mrs. Y.M. Lee
Fairfax, Virginia

My wife and I have lived and served our church in Germany for the past six years. During our stay in Germany, we both experienced bleeding gums and a chronic gum infection. Moreover, my wife has diabetes, and we have found that it worsens her gums. On recommendation from a friend, we used paradontax, a very popular toothpaste in Germany. However, it did not help us. Then our son, who is a missionary serving in the United States, sent us a sample of “SupHerb Toothgel”. After using for a short time, my wife and I both concluded that this Toothgel was amazing. I found that my sickly gums had healed and the bleeding had stopped. I am so proud of this remarkable product. Therefore, I highly recommend SupHerb Toothgel to anyone who has had problems with their gums and teeth.

Rev. Kyoung N. Park
Frankfurt, Germany

My dentist said I needed 2 root canals, which was going to cost me $1200 each. My friend recommended me Supherb Toothgel. I used it every day for one month with an electric tooth brush. I went back to the dentist and he couldn't believe what he saw. My problem had disappeared and I didn't need those root canals anymore. I am so grateful that my friend had introduced this product to me. I continue to use this toothgel every single day. It had not only saved my money but most importantly all of my precious teeth.

Mrs. Lee
Fairfax, VA

I am 72 years old. I suffered from bad gum problem, which gave me terrible bad breath all the time. I was so conscious that my teeth would eventually fall out. My daughter had bought me SupHerb Toothgel one day and told me to try it. After trying it out for 3 months, I had noticed my bad breath had disappeared and my teeth had become stronger. I was no longer conscious about my teeth or mouth.

Mrs. Im

About 6 years ago, I went to my dentist to get my yearly check up and she said I needed to extract a total of 4 teeth (2 from the top and 2 from the bottom). I really didn't want to remove my teeth but my dentist had advised me that there was no other option. I went home upset that day. I met Joe one day and he had told me about SupHerb Toothgel. After 1 month of using it intensely, I noticed all my teeth had gotten healthier and stronger. I went to another dentist to get a second opinion after using this toothgel. To my surprise, he had said none of my teeth had to be removed.

Rev. Joe
New York

I went to see my dentist one day in which he referred me to a gum specialist. My friend had introduced me to Supherb Toothgel saying that I should test it out. I used it three times a day for 2 consecutive weeks and now my gums are healthy and back to normal. This SupHerb Toothgel should be distributed worldwide.

Rev. Yang

I've been using this Supherb Toothgel for 5 years. I recommended it to all my beauty salon clients. It's so great that I never leave the house without brushing my teeth with it. I highly recommend it to everyone and I can't imagine using any other toothpaste.

Mrs. Kim

I was introduced to Supherb Toothgel through a friend. I contacted the company owner to learn more about it. I had been suffering from severe gum disease and I was about to lose most of my teeth. The dentist had told me it would cost more than several thousand dollars to fix it. I decided to give this toothgel a try before I went ahead with my dentist's procedure. I brushed and massaged my teeth and gums religiously with the Supherb Toothgel day and night for about 2 weeks. I went back to the dentist for a recheck and he was just shocked by my results. He retook my xrays to reconfirm and it was true, I didn't have to worry about paying those several thousands of dollars. I was so happy and it was all because of this powerful Supherb Toothgel.

Mrs. Lee
Ashburn, VA

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